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Protecting Paddington’s environment


Cr Matic is passionate about working with the community to take care of our trees, land, wildlife and waterways and is a proud supporter of our local bushcare groups.

Habitat Brisbane

Habitat Brisbane helps community groups restore natural habitats in parks, remnant bushland, wetlands and along waterways as part of Brisbane City Council’s Community Conservation Partnerships Program.

Habitat Brisbane groups also help protect, monitor and increase native flora and fauna populations, especially rare and threatened species. The groups’ tasks include:

  • removing weeds and rubbish;
  • establishing native plants;
  • reporting new sightings of wildlife including squirrel gliders, koalas, wallabies, microbats and boobook owls
    reducing illegal dumping through community awareness and education;
  • improving the attractiveness of natural areas for visitors; and
  • drawing people together to create an increased sense of community.

Join a Habitat Brisbane group

To join a Habitat Brisbane group and make a real difference in your local environment, phone Peter on 3403 2520.

Create a new volunteer group

A manual has been developed for new volunteer groups. This manual provides a range of information to help groups follow best-practice methods and create a successful project. If you would like a copy of the manual, contact Peter on 3403 2520.

Community Conservation Partnerships Program

Council supports community environment groups in a variety of ways. Environment and sustainability grants are available as well as Community Conservation Assistance, which is eligible to groups and individuals that are part of Council’s Community Conservation Partnerships Program. For more information phone Peter on 3403 2520.

Local Bushcare Groups

Western Creek Bushcare Group

Address: Colarado Park, Main Ave, Bardon
Group leader: John Waters

Stonebrook Bushcare Group

Address: Purtell Park, Carwoola St, Bardon
Group leader: Maggie Magafakis

Lorward Ave Bushcare Group

Address: Purtell Park, Lorward Ave, Bardon
Group leader: Scott Rimmington

Kelvin Grove Bushcare Group

Address: Picot St Park & Bishop St Park, Picot St, Kelvin Grove
Group leader: Giles Baxter

If your suburb is not in this list check the Habitat Brisbane layer on the Waterways Activation Map. If you can’t find a group near you, would like more information or would like to help coordinate a volunteer group, contact Peter on 3403 2520.

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