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Speech – Bardon Lions Place

Councillor MATIC:  Thank you, Madam Chairman. Only briefly in regards to item B. I thoroughly support the proposal that was put forward. The Bardon Lions have made an enormous contribution to local community, Madam Chairman, within their area and the work they’ve done as far as the planting and the maintenance of that particular park has been so for many, many years. Many of the Lions themselves are residents in that local area and they’ve worked wholeheartedly a lot of their lives in regards to the planning and maintenance of the creek around that and so it’s fitting that the park be noted for their contribution.

It’s always been known as Bardon Lions Park, Madam Chairman. All we’re doing now is just simply placing a sign to acknowledge what was already there before, but I think it’s great to recognise them, especially at the anniversary of the club and they continue their strong work in the community. I thoroughly support the work they do and work with them around making a difference in our ward.


  • The Manager, Asset Services, Field Services, Brisbane Infrastructure, provided the following information.
  • Councillor Peter Matic, Councillor for Paddington Ward, was approached by the Lions Club International to name a section of Fletcher Parade Park, Bardon as ‘Bardon Lions Place’.
  • The area is located along Fletcher Parade, to the right of the car park adjacent to Empress Terrace. The club has been involved in many plantings and working bees within this section of parkland.
  • It is proposed to install a sign within the area informing park users of the site history and how the plantings in the area were established. The recommended wording for the signage is ‘In 1980, the Bardon Lions received a 1st bi-centennial grant which allowed the club to rejuvenate the Ithaca Creek Banks from its source at Mt Coot-tha to Waterworks Road. Over 1,000 trees were planted as part of this project, which covered about three kilometres of creek bank. The project was completed over two years, providing employment to approximately twenty long‑term unemployed people during this time’.


  • Funds are currently available in the Asset Services Central recurrent budget.


  • Councillor Peter Matic, Councillor for Paddington Ward, was consulted and supports the recommendation.

Customer impact

  • Naming the section of park will recognise the ownership for work carried out by the Lions Club International.
  • The Manager recommended as follows and the Committee agreed.


That approval be granted to name a section of park within Fletcher Parade Park, Bardon, as ‘Bardon Lions Place’, in accordance with Council’s OS03 Naming Parks, Facilities or Tracks Procedure.



Extract from the 4544 meeting of the Brisbane City Council, held at City Hall, Brisbane
on Tuesday 08 May 2018 at 2pm

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